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Stag. A new kind of Triumph

Welcome to my Triumph Stag and TR6 site! My affinity to these cars started with a TR6 I owned while in college. I eventually sold the car and started a family. Several years later, still having that "Triumph" bug, I talked my wife into buying a Stag (back seat for the kids!). That purchase has lead to buying another Stag and later a TR6 and a TR8 This site gives a little history on the Triumph Stag, the Triumph TR6 and the Triumph TR8 and what I like about these cars.

The Stag is one of my favorite cars. It was Triumph's luxury car. Developed from the 2000 MkII, the Stag offered luxury, performance and value for money in a distinctive 4-seater coupe body. Built 1970-1977 as a convertible with a removable hardtop, it was powered by a unique Triumph V8 engine and rode on all-independent suspension. Construction broke with Triumph sports car tradition by being unitary, and featured an integral roof roll bar. The walnut trimmed, fully equipped cockpit emphasized the "tourer" image, and most of the 25,877 cars produced were automatics.



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Last modified: May 29, 2006

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